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The host name of the incoming URL. May include wildcards (ex., *, *.net, pda.*, print.*.net, *site*). 

A mask cannot simply be a wildcard. To make a website pick up all the host names that haven't been defined in the site definitions, remove the hostName attribute.

If the hostName attribute is not set for a certain site in the web.config file, all the hostnames defined in the hosts file match. If this attribute is set for a certain site, this site will be accessible only with the specified hostname.

Important Note: The parameter hostName is case sensitive and must be spelled hostName not hostname otherwise multiple logical sites will not work

For example, consider the following host configuration:    localhost 

And the following <site> definition in the web.config file:


The site defined above will be accessible only via host name.

Default value: all hostnames defined in the hosts file.

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