About this site

We have divided the Sitecore documentation site into two main sections – developers and business users – based on our users’ needs. Each section contains a list of products and subjects.

Navigate from the start page

On the start page, click either Developer and IT Pros documentation or Business user documentation, then select a product or subject area. A table of contents on the left-hand side of the page lists all the content in the section you select. Use the table of contents to navigate to different topics. Click the arrows to expand the menu and get an overview of the topics.

Use the search function

Alternatively, you can use the Search function to find the information that you want. The search results window shows you a list of topics that contain your search term, together with the product version number. You can filter search results according to a role (developer or user), or according to the product.

Switch to a different version

When you open a topic, the page shows you the version of the product documentation at the bottom of the table of contents. To change to a different product version, click the version number and select the version that you want to see. This takes you to the start page for that version of the product. To switch to a different product version of the same topic, use the Search function, where you can see how many product versions of a specific topic are available.