Experience Commerce 10.0 Released

August 14, 2020

The latest version of Experience Commerce (XC) documentation is here!

In the Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) documentation set, you’ll find step-by-step instructions, conceptual information, and reference material to help you understand and make the best use of Sitecore. In this release, our documentation continues to evolve, with new topics covering many new features. There are also updates and improvements to our existing content for both our business users and developers. Some of the highlights are listed here.

Sitecore XC Containers

To increase the speed and efficiency of deployments and provide greater scalability with a lighter footprint, you can now deploy Sitecore XC using containers. There are two guides you can download: one on how to install Sitecore XC on a developer workstation with containers and one that describes how to install Sitecore XC in a production environment with Kubernetes. You can also find information on how to create custom container images in the Commerce DevOps documentation.

Content Hub connector sample plugin

The Sitecore Commerce Engine SDK contains a new sample Content Hub connector plugin that you can use to create an integration with Sitecore Content Hub. The Content Hub connector plugin supports a one-way synchronization of product attributes from the Content Hub PCM module and product images from Content Hub DAM module to the Commerce Engine. With SXA Storefront, you can configure whether product images are retrieved from the Media Library or from the Digital Asset Management system within Sitecore Content Hub.

Dynamic Bundles

In this release, the product bundle feature has been extended to provide more flexibility in the products that make up a bundle. Merchandisers can now configure a dynamic bundle, which can include optional and upgradeable products. With a dynamic bundle, customers can change the contents of a bundle as well as the quantities involved.

Free Gift With Purchase

There’s a new Free Gift promotion that lets merchandisers define the criteria customers must fulfill to receive a free gift. To render the list of free gifts on the live storefront, a Free Gift Selection rendering is now available. The free gift with purchase feature has also been added to the Minicart rendering so that free gifts are immediately visible to customers when they hover over the minicart. This feature is also available for the Order Lines and Shopping Cart Lines renderings.


Merchandisers can now define a promotion priority that influences the order for calculating promotions. The ability to return available promotions for sellable items has also been added to the Engine API and Commerce Connect using policy keys.

SXA Storefront Scriban templates

We have extended the SXA Storefront documentation set with new topics on Scriban templates, including class diagrams and sequence diagrams. There is also added information about SXA Storefront backend development, including rendering communication, pipelines, and processors. For an overview, see:

We invite you to take a look at our new Sitecore XC documentation set at:

We hope you find the XC documentation set useful, well-organized, and easy to work with. We are always looking for feedback and ideas, and you are welcome to contact us at docsite@sitecore.net, or by clicking the feedback link at the bottom of each topic.