Experience Commerce 9.1 Released

April 13, 2019

The latest version of Experience Commerce (XC) documentation is here!

At Sitecore, we strive to create the best documentation we can so that you can get on with the job at hand. To this end, the release of the Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) 9.1 documentation includes a host of improvements.

On the SXA Storefront side, the documentation has been entirely re-structured and many new developer topics have been added. The Storefront developer documentation now includes Common tasks for Developers, setup and configuration topics as well as information about the Storefront search. On the business user side, you’ll find new topics such as best practices and FAQs, task topics for Content Authors and Web Designers as well as a new walkthrough topic on how to create a landing page for an email campaign.

We continue to make incremental improvements to the Commerce Developer information, with additional details on the data structure for catalog import/export, a new topic on incremental indexing, and a walkthrough topic on how to create a custom index.

The documentation is always evolving, and we continue to make updates on an on-going basis (outside the context of a new software release). You can help us create great content by providing feedback. Just use the link at the bottom of the topic page.