Administrative Roles

Administrative roles are assigned to staff with administrative or operational responsibilities.

Commerce Administrator

The Commerce Administrator role is an out-of-the-box SitecoreCommerce role. This role has full administrative access to all Commerce related data and operations. This is the only role, aside from Sitecore Admins, that can administer Security Access Rights for Commerce, and Security Access Rights on Commerce Templates.

Warning: Do not change access rights on this role.

Commerce Operations

The Commerce Operations role covers the IT operations that can be applied to the Catalog System. These operations include:
  • Refresh Catalog Cache
  • Refresh Catalog Full Text Index (on Sitecore Commerce 7.5, powered by Commerce Server and Commerce Server 11.1 databases)
  • Purge Deleted Catalog Items
This role does not have access to Catalogs, Catalog Sets, Inventory Catalogs or the ability to manage authorization for other Business Users. There are no other explicit rights assigned to this role.
Warning: Do not change access rights on this role.