Configure Access Rights at the Catalog Level

Custom configure access rights at the catalog level, controlling access to entire catalogs. This is useful for restricting product teams to content related to their own line of business.

Complete the following prerequisites:

At the Sitecore Desktop:

  1. Create a new catalog editor role for each catalog that requires catalog-level access rights. See Create a New Role
  2. Add users to the roles they require.
    For more details on configuring users in Sitecore, refer to the Security Administrator's Cookbook on SDN.
  3. Assign access rights to the catalog for the role.
    1. Open the Security Editor.
      Select Sitecore > Security Editor.
    2. Assign the following access rights to the catalog content item for each respective role:
  4. Confirm your changes.
    Click Access Viewer in the Security Editor toolbar, then navigate to the content items you have edited and observe the changes.
    Note: Content items may have to be refreshed. To refresh a content item, collapse and expand the corresponding node in the content tree.
    Note: Detailed procedures to use the Access Viewer can be found in the Security Administrator's Cookbook on SDN.