Get Stock Information

Developer tasks for using service method GetStockInformation.

GetStockInformation is used to delete a SKU permanently.

At your visual studio solution setup:

  1. Reference the Sitecore.Commerce.Connect.CommerceServer and Sitecore.Commerce.dll.
  2. Pick the class in your solution where want to use this service method.
  3. Paste in the code below to use the service method.
    var provider = new CommerceInventoryServiceProvider();
    var products = new List<CommerceInventoryProduct>
                            new CommerceInventoryProduct { ProductId = "p1", CatalogName = ProductCatalogName }, 
                            new CommerceInventoryProduct { ProductId = "p2", CatalogName = ProductCatalogName, VariantId = "1" }
    var request = new GetStockInformationRequest(string.Empty, products, StockDetailsLevel.All);
    var result = provider.GetStockInformation(request);