Add a New Sitecore Language to a Sitecore Commerce 7.5, powered by Commerce Server and Commerce Server 11.1 Culture Mapping

Use the Commerce Server plug-in to map an additional language to a default culture.

Complete the following prerequisites:

Commerce Server supports more languages than Sitecore., and you may need to map a language to a region-free language. For example, Commerce Catalogs have Danish as da-DK, but Sitecore treats Danish as region-free. Therefore, in the CommerceServer.config, an entry would be required to map da-DK culture to the Sitecore da language.

At your XML Editor:

  1. Create a new .config file in the Website\App_Config\Include directory of your Sitecore site.
    Note: The system applies the files in alphnumeric order. Ensure the file containing your overrides is named to run after CommerceServer.config, For example zzCommerceServer.config or My.Overrides.CommerceServer.config
  2. Create a configuration section that adds a new language element to the defaultLanguageCulture element collection. .
    For example the following configuration instructs the Commerce data providers to use the fr-FR culture in the Commerce catalog system when the fr language is selected in Sitecore.
    <configuration xmlns:patch="">
            <language name="fr" culture="fr-FR" />
  3. Save and close the file
  4. Restart IIS.