Scaling Up Sitecore with Product Buckets

For big data support, Sitecore uses item buckets to dynamically organize child nodes and enables content item search.. Activate big data support with the following steps.

At the Content Editor

Note: When Big Data Support is enabled/disabled the Content Manager's catalog tree is not adjusted until the application pool is restarted or an IISReset is performed.
Note: Once you enable Big Data, products will be hidden from the tree and the only way to find them will be through search.
  1. Select the database in which you want to enable big data support (master or web).
  2. Expand the Sitecore/Commerce/Settings/Catalog folder.
  3. Select the Big Data Support item, then select the Content tab.
  4. Check the Value check box in the Commerce pane.
  5. Save your changes.
    Click Save on the Home ribbon.
    Catalog Items are available in the content tree. If required, you can refresh the Catalogs node by collapsing it, then expanding it again.
  6. Clear cached products in the content tree.
    Click the Drop Catalog Cache button in the Commerce ribbon