Search a Catalog for Products with Big Data

When the system uses Big Data, products will be hidden from the tree and the only way to find them will be through search.

Complete the following prerequisites:

At the Content Editor

  1. Select the database in which you want to enable big data support (master or web).
  2. Select the catalog to search.
    Expand the Sitecore/Commerce/Settings/Catalog folder and choose a catalog.
  3. Open a new search window.
    Select the Search tab.
  4. Complete a search.
    Enter a search phrase and press Enter to find a product by name, or construct your own advanced query using filters provided in the search tab. For example, adding Search for Items by Commerce Search Type and entering commercesearchitemtype:Product will ensure that only products are included in the search results.
    The system returns the search results. You can click on any item to view the product details or edit its content.