Update Cart Lines

Developer tasks for using service method UpdateCartLines.

UpdateCartLines is used when:

At your visual studio solution setup:

  1. Reference the Sitecore.Commerce.Connect.CommerceServer and Sitecore.Commerce.dll.
  2. Pick the class in your solution where want to use this service method.
  3. Paste in the code below to use the service method.
            provider = new CartServiceProvider(); // You should get
            a real user id.string userId =
            Guid.NewGuid().ToString("B"); var loadRequest =
            new LoadCartByNameRequest("Website", "MyBasket", userId); var loadResult =
            provider.LoadCart(loadRequest); CommerceCart cart
            = loadResult.Cart as CommerceCart; CommerceCartLine
            cartline = cart.Lines.ElementAt(0) as CommerceCartLine;cartline.Quantity
            = 4; var updateRequest
            = new UpdateCartLinesRequest(cart, new List<CartLine> { cartline }); // Only required
            if you must specify the order form name to use.  If
            not specified the// first order
            form is used.var info = new
            CartRequestInformation(updateRequest, "default"); var updateResult =