Updating Managed Cloud Premium


How to update Managed Cloud Premium containers images.

As part of your Managed Cloud Premium container solution, you can deploy changes to your environment using the Update images pipeline when:

  • A customer service is provided for you with a new image reference.

  • An update has been made to image references for known Sitecore application services.

To run the Update images pipeline, the images being updated must already be in the Azure Container Registry (ACR) that is created as part of your Managed Cloud Premium container solution.

You can update multiple Sitecore image references within the same pipeline run.

The Run pipeline dialog.

For the Update images pipeline, you must:

  • Run from the main branch only.

  • Provide a path with the following format: {ACR name}.azure.io/{image name}:{image tag}.

  • Use NA by default for Sitecore image references where the update is not needed.

The Update pipeline configuration dialog lets you:

  • Use predefined fields for Sitecore application images, such as CM, CD, ID, and PRC, which only require a path parameter.

  • Add other service images name and path parameters to define and update additional application service images, and enable updating of multiple images with the same pipeline run.

The Run pipeline dialog.

The Update pipeline completes the run process as follows:

  1. When you set the applicable image references, the pipeline validates whether the images are in the ACR.

  2. If they are available, the pipeline updates the corresponding images in the configuration file through a Pull Request (PR), which is created and completed automatically.

  3. As a result of the pipeline, the application pipeline is triggered and rolls out the images to the customer Kubernetes cluster.