The data template field types

Current version: 10.2

Each field has an associated field type. The field type controls the following:

  • The user interface component that Sitecore presents for that field in user interfaces such as the Content Editor and the Page Editor.

  • The format of the value stored for the field.

  • The .NET classes and programming techniques developers use to access the field value, such as the classes in the Sitecore.Data.Fields namespace, the renderField pipeline, and the FieldRenderer web control.

Excluding the binary components of database media, Sitecore stores all field values as text. Some field types, such as single-line text, store a simple text value. Other field types, such as Multilist, store the GUIDs of the selected items separated by pipe characters (“|”). Complex field types generally store an XML element. An Image field contains a single XML element with attributes representing different image properties. The field used to store layout details contains a more complex XML structure.

You can implement custom user interfaces for data templates by implementing custom field types, using the IFrame field type, or by implementing custom editors.

The following field types are available in Sitecore:


The Analytics field types are for internal use by Sitecore. Do not use the Analytics field types.

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