Activity type descriptors

Current version: 10.2

Activity type descriptors are items in Sitecore that represent activity types, and are used by the Marketing Automation UI when designing plans. You can find descriptors under /sitecore/system/Settings/Analytics/Marketing Automation/Activity Types. The following screenshot shows the descriptor item for the campaign listener activity type:

Descriptors define:

  • Activity type name

  • Activity type description

  • Implementation type, formatted as Documentation.Namespace.MyActivityType,Documentation.Namespace

  • Classification

  • Parameters (sub-items), each of which defines:

    • Parameter key, which must match the name of the parameter property in the activity type class (case sensitive)

    • Parameter name

  • Paths (sub-items), each of which defines:

    • Path key, which must match the key used in the activity type class (case sensitive)

    • Path name

Descriptors also define properties that are used exclusively by the UI, such as editor settings, activity type dependencies, icons, and whether or not a parameter is required.

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