Trigger a pipeline redeployment manually

Current version: 10.3

Each Sitecore Managed Cloud client is provided with the following pipelines to control their solution: Infrastructure, Application, Pod restart, and Node restart. Any commits added to the main branch of either repository will automatically trigger the associated pipeline to run.

This topic describes the Managed Cloud pipelines and how you can manually change existing containers deployments and how to redeploy changes using the customer-accessible deployment pipelines (Infrastructure and Application pipelines) in Azure Devops.

Devops engineers can manually trigger both the Infrastructure and the Application pipeline.


If you want to apply changes to both the Infrastructure and Application pipeline at the same time, we recommend to run the infrastructure pipeline changes before the Application pipeline.

To trigger the pipeline manually:

  1. Go to Azure Devops and select the project for your deployment.

  2. Click Pipelines.

  3. Click the pipeline. For example, the infrastructure pipeline.

  4. Click Run Pipeline.


    Running the pipeline may lead to a small amount of downtime.

  5. In the Run Pipeline dialog click Run. Azure Devops will queue the job and start the redeployment.

    The status of the deployment will change from Running to Success. Terraform will only update those items that are changed, so the run times for the script may be short unless significant changes have been made.

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