Experience Platform (Sitecore 8.2)

Sitecore customer experience manager software contains state-of-the-art CMS and marketing functionality that gives you complete control over the great customer experience that you give to your customers. It allows you to unify all your activity across multiple channels, from campaigns to visitor activity to performance measurement.

Digital marketing

Configuring the Campaign Creator

The Campaign Creator is an application that enables marketers to create and organize campaign activities on the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Experience Profile

The Experience Profile enables sales and marketing employees to view experience data from the MongoDB collection database for contacts and their interactions.

Marketing operations

Organize your marketing activities in a meaningful, structured way. Identify your campaign activities with information about which channels and campaign groups they belong to.

The List Manager

Manage your Sitecore contacts in various lists and create the lists of recipients you want to use for your email campaigns.

Federated Experience Manager

Track visitor interactions and generate analytics information on external, non-Sitecore websites from within Sitecore.


Deliver targeted, relevant content to your site visitors by setting personalization rules that test for various details about the visitor.

Analyzing and reporting


Experience Analytics contains tools that let you view detailed reports about your website's visitors in real time.


You use the Experience Optimization application to see test reports and scores. You can also start a page test here.

Setting up and maintaining


Configure the Experience Database (xDB) to create a scalable architecture, server roles, or configure a session state.

Sitecore on Azure

Deploy, manage, and maintain Sitecore on Microsoft Azure for a scalable and robust Cloud solution.

Experience Manager

Experience Manager (CMS-only mode) allows you to run Sitecore XP without the Experience Database (xDB) enabled or purchasing xDB licenses.

Security and administration

Manage the Sitecore users’ access to items and content on your website as well as their access to Sitecore functionality.

Security hardening

Follow these comprehensive security hardening instructions to improve the security of your Sitecore installation.

IP Geolocation

Sitecore IP Geolocation is a service that provides information about the location and owner of an IP address.

Language fallback

In multilanguage solutions, you can set up and control which items or fields reuse content from another language, and which items or fields that you want to localize.

Search and indexing

Learn how to configure search and indexing, including how to switch indexes, ensure scalability, and more.


Sitecore records all date times in UTC. Learn about the configuration details that Sitecore uses.


Technical guidance for GDPR.

Developing with Sitecore

Set up Sitecore and Visual Studio for development

You use Visual Studio for more advanced development tasks and to work with a Visual Studio project.

Customize the Experience Editor ribbon

How to extend the functionality of the Experience Editor ribbon.

Search and
item buckets

Developing for search and indexing.

Versioned layouts

Versioned layouts make it possible to specify different layouts for different versions and languages of the same item.

Device Detection

Device Detection

Personalize visitor experience and target campaigns for different devices.