Abandoned Cart Marketing Automation campaign

The plan is provided as a branch template. Use only one instance per shop. You can customize the default plan with more states as needed.

To make the plan work, Sitecore Commerce provides the following two specific conditions and one action:

  • Condition: Has Empty Cart?

    The condition retrieves the cart of the current visitor and checks if it is empty or not, for example, if there are any cart lines in it. By default, this only works with one cart per user.

  • Condition: Has Provided E-mail?

    The condition retrieves an email message for the current visitor if they have one.

  • Action: Set Cart Status

    The status of the cart itself is also set to abandoned. It is reflected when searching for carts across all visitors using the GetCarts method on the service layer.

The plan also uses the standard Send email action, which is provided with the Customer Engagement Platform (CEP), to send out the notification email message informing the user about the abandoned cart and encouraging them to return and complete the purchase.