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Activity type descriptors


Overview of Activity type descriptors.

Activity type descriptors are items in Sitecore that represent activity types, and are used by the Marketing Automation UI when designing plans. You can find descriptors under /sitecore/system/Settings/Analytics/Marketing Automation/Activity Types. The following screenshot shows the descriptor item for the campaign listener activity type:


Descriptors define:

  • Activity type name

  • Activity type description

  • Implementation type, formatted as Documentation.Namespace.MyActivityType,Documentation.Namespace

  • Classification

  • Parameters (sub-items), each of which defines:

    • Parameter key, which must match the name of the parameter property in the activity type class (case sensitive)

    • Parameter name

  • Paths (sub-items), each of which defines:

    • Path key, which must match the key used in the activity type class (case sensitive)

    • Path name

Descriptors also define properties that are used exclusively by the UI, such as editor settings, activity type dependencies, icons, and whether or not a parameter is required.