Create a trigger


How create a trigger in Sitecore Content Hub that can initiate a set of actions when certain events occur

The Sitecore Content Hub provides you with a trigger framework that allows you to configure triggers using the user interface. A trigger is fired when a specified event occurs under specified conditions. When the trigger fires, it can initiate a set of actions.

To create a trigger:

  1. Open the Sitecore Content Hub. On the ribbon, click Manage.

  2. Click Triggers, and click New trigger.

  3. On the General tab, enter the following values:



    Enter a name

    CMP content modification

    Enter a description

    Post to Azure Service Bus after content change


    Entity modification

    Execution type

    In background

  4. On the Conditions tab, click Add definition, and in the drop-down list, click Content. This adds a new item to the list of conditions.

  5. Add the following definitions:

    The Conditions tab in the Manage dialog in Sitecore Content Hub

    This triggers the content import when an item is moved to the Approved for publication workflow state.


    You can add multiple definition conditions to the trigger. For a complete overview of capabilities, see the Sitecore Content Hub documentation.

  6. On the Actions tab, add the action you created previously (CMP content modification).

  7. Click Save and close. Confirm to activate the trigger.


You can also activate the trigger after you have completed all the configuration settings in Sitecore Content Hub and in Sitecore. At this point, the trigger might start running before the configuration is completed.