Upgrade an existing DAM connector to SCCH 5.0


How to upgrade a Sitecore Connect for Sitecore DAM 2.0 installation to Sitecore Connect for Content Hub 5.0, either on-prem or in Azure.

If you have an existing Sitecore Connect for Sitecore DAM (SCDAM) 2.0 installation, you can upgrade it to SCCH 5.0. The procedure is the same regardless of whether your installation is on-prem or in Azure.

To upgrade an existing SCDAM installation to SCCH 5.0:

  1. Install the SCCH 5.0 installation package as described in the installation instructions.

  2. When the installation is done, delete the following files:

    • <Sitecore instance>\sitecore\shell\Controls\Rich Text Editor\StylelabsMAssets\MAssets Commands.js

    • <Sitecore instance>\App_Config\Modules\Stylelabs\Stylelabs.config

    • <Sitecore instance>\bin\Stylelabs.M.Sitecore.Integration.Components.dll.

  3. Open the C:\inetpub\<site>\App_Config\ConnectionStrings.config file. Update the DAM connection string as follows:

    <add name="DAM.ContentHub" connectionString="ClientId={client_id};ClientSecret={client_secret};UserName={username};Password={password};URI={uri};" />
  4. On the Sitecore Launchpad, click Desktop. Switch from the Master database to the Core database.

  5. Open the Content Editor. Navigate to sitecore/system/Field types/Simple types/Image. On the Content tab, in the Data section, update the following values:

    Field name

    Default value

    Change to








    Can be any value

    Empty value

  6. Save the item. Switch back to the Master database.