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Enable CMP or DAM


How to enable CMP or DAM functionality after you installed Sitecore Connect for Content Hub.

By default, installing Sitecore Connect for Content Hub (SCCH) disables both Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Sitecore Content Management Platform (CMP). You must re-enable CMP or DAM if you require the functionality they provide.

To enable CMP or DAM:

  1. On your Content Management server, open the web.config file. The default location is wwwroot/web.config

  2. Enable DAM or CMP functionality:

    • To enable DAM, change the configuration as follows: <add key="damEnabled:define" value="yes"/>

    • To enable CMP, change the configuration as follows: <add key="cmpEnabled:define" value="yes"/> 

  3. Save the file, and refresh your browser window.