Run Bulk CRM Entity Update from QueueΒΆ

This pipeline step is used to run the CRM bulk entity update process using the CRM entities in a work queue.

A CRM Contacts queue processor must be specified for this pipeline step.

Template name Run Bulk Contact Update from Queue Pipeline Step
Base template Base Process Queue from Endpoint
Field Description
Batch Size
Determines the maximum number of CRM entities that will be
updated at a time.

For example, if 200 CRM contacts need to be updated and the
batch size is 75, 3 separate commands will be sent to CRM in
order for all 200 entities to be updated.
Data Context
The data context value used to during the bulk contact update

The default value is DataExchange. This value must match the
value in the updateFields pipeline for the xDB bulk contact
API. In most cases you will not need to change this value.
Queue Endpoint
The endpoint for the queue from which CRM entities are read.
Endpoint To
The Entities endpoint that represents where the bulk entity
bulk entity update command is submitted to.
Entity Name
Entities with this name are processed.
Max Retries
When the queue processor interacts with the entity repository set,
a failure may occur. This value tells the processor to retry up to
a certain number of times before returning an error.
Retry Interval
This value tells the queue processor that is able retry an
operation to wait a certain amount of time before retrying the