Set Use Delta Settings

This pipeline step is used to set the values that are used by the pipeline step Read CRM Entities to build a filter so that only entities that have changed within a certain date range are read from CRM.

The purpose of this pipeline step is to determine the date range by reading a date/time from the pipeline context and then converting it into a date range.

Template Information

Template name Set Use Delta Settings Pipeline Step
Base template Base Pipeline Step
Field Description
Context Value Reader
The value reader responsible for reading a date/time from the
pipeline context.

An example is a value reader that reads when the pipeline batch
was last run.
The value that determines the kind of date range to create.
An integer value that determines how the date range is created.

A negative integer means to use a date in the past.

A positive integer means to use a date in the future.
Unit of Time
The value that specifies the unit for the Offset value.

Plugin Information

Plugin type Description
Subsequent pipeline steps use this plugin to access the date
range created by this pipeline step.

This step adds this plugin to the pipeline context.