Dependent Tree MacroΒΆ

This macro allows you to define dependencies between parameters in a condition or action.

For example, this macro is used to ensure that components under a tenant can only access other components in the same tenant. Such as when you select an endpoint in a pipeline step. The endpoints that are available depend on the tenant being configured.


This macro is defined in the following location:

sitecore > system > Settings > Rules > Definitions > Macros > CRM Connect > DependentTree

Attribute Description
Name of another property on the condition or action.
Determines how the root item for the tree is determined. The
following values are valid:

descendant - Find the first descendant of the item selected
in the dependency property that is based on the template
specified by the templateid attribute. Then the first child
whose name matches the value of the rootitemname attribute.
Use this item as the root for the tree.
The purpose of this value depends on the mode attribute.
The purpose of this value depends on the mode attribute.
If set to a template id, only items based on the specified
template id can be selected.

If no value is set, any item displayed in the tree can be
This ensure the search dialog uses the root of the tree as the
root for searches. This attribute must be set to true.


Attribute names are case-sensitive.


This macro can be used beyond Data Exchange Framework. It can be used with any Sitecore condition or action.