A tenant is a component that encapsulates all of the components that are used to define synchronization processes for a specific brand or organization.

On a single Sitecore server you can create as many tenants as you like. Each tenant maintains its own configuration. This means each tenant maintains its own:

  • Endpoints
  • Pipeline batches
  • Pipelines
  • Value accessor sets
  • Value mapping sets

Furthermore, these components are not shared between tenants.

There are many reasons for having multiple tenants on a single Sitecore server:

  • Multiple brands synchronize data between different systems. Separate tenants allow you to keep the synchronization processes in one brand separate from another brand.
  • Data from multiple systems is synchronized. The configuration for these systems is complicated, and is maintained by different people. Having separate tenants allows the administrators to change their tenant without affecting other administrators.
  • New configurations need to be tested in isolation. Having a separate tenant where new configurations can be tested means the current configuration does not need to be changed.