3. Run the Pipeline

The following code demonstrates how to run the pipeline Upsert Single CRM Contact Pipeline.


The code assumes you have already resolved the xDB contact you want to use to update CRM. This contact is accessed through the variable contact.


The code uses extension methods defined in the namespace Sitecore.DataExchange.Extensions, so you must import this namespace in your code.

Contact contact = ... //contact comes from the tracker or from somewhere else
Guid pipelineItemId = Guid.Parse("####"); //item id for the pipeline definition item
IItemModelRepository itemModelRepo = Sitecore.DataExchange.Context.ItemModelRepository;
ItemModel model = itemModelRepo.Get(pipelineItemId);
IConverter<ItemModel, Pipeline> converter = model.GetConverter<Pipeline>(itemModelRepo);
Pipeline pipeline = converter.Convert(model);
IPipelineProcessor processor = pipeline.PipelineProcessor;
PipelineBatchContext batchContext = new PipelineBatchContext();
PipelineContext pipelineContext = new PipelineContext(batchContext);
pipelineContext.Plugins.Add(new SynchronizationSettings { Source = contact });
if (processor.CanProcess(pipeline, pipelineContext))
  processor.Process(pipeline, pipelineContext);
  if (!pipelineContext.CriticalError)