Rename a Tenant

Within xDB, certain contact facets support multiple values. For example, a contact may have multiple email addresses. Each of these email addresses has an identifier or name associated with it, such as work or home.

By default, when these sorts of values are read from the CRM, the name of the tenant is used as the identifier. If the name of the tenant is mycrm, when you synchronize a CRM contact, the email address that is read from the CRM will be the mycrm email address.

  1. In Content Editor, navigate to the tenant you want to rename.
  2. Rename the Sitecore item.
  3. Navigate to Data Access > Value Readers > Providers > Dynamics CRM > Constant Value Reader - Tenant Name.
  4. In the field Value, enter the new tenant name.
  5. Save the item.
  6. Navigate to Data Access > Value Accessor Sets > Providers > Sitecore > xDB Contact Properties.
  7. For each item that uses the template xDB Contact Facet Indexer Property Value Accessor, change the value of the property Index name for indexer property to match the new tenant name.


Renaming a tenant will not change data that already exists in xDB. The next time data is synchronized, the new tenant name will be used. However, this may result in duplicate data in xDB.

For example, if you have already run the contact synchronization process and the tenant name is mycrm, you will have an email address identified as the mycrm email address. If you rename the tenant to Production CRM and run the process again, you will now have an email address identified as the Production CRM email address. The mycrm email address will remain.