7.1. Add Value Accessor Template

A value accessor is the component that is used to read a value from a source object or write a value to a target object.

The pipeline step read a file and converts each row in the file into an array of strings. A value accessor is used to identify the position in the array you want to use.

Consider an example where you have a file that contains comma-separated values (CSV) that provide details about new customers. The file looks like the following:

Aaron,Adkins,Ace Corp
Brad,Bedford,Burnside Bread
Charlotte,Colson,Carefree Farms

A template is needed to allow a person configuring a sychronization process to idenfity that the first name is at position 1, the last name (surname) is at position 2 and the company name is at position 3.

  1. In Sitecore, open Template Manager.

  2. Navigate to Templates > Data Exchange > Providers > File System.

  3. Add a template folder named Data Access.

  4. Add the following template:

    Array Value Accessor
    Base template
    Templates > Data Exchange > Framework > Data Access >
    Value Accessors > Value Accessor
    Templates > Data Exchange > Providers > File System > Data Access
  5. Set the icon for this template to office/32x32/radio_button_selected.png.

  6. Add a section named Settings.

  7. Add the following field:

    Name Position
    Type Integer
    Shared ticked