Queue Entry StatusΒΆ

The purpose of a work queue is to store data that will be processed at some point in the future. There are multiple ways to retrieve entries from a queue. One way is based on the status of the entry.

Each entry in a work queue has a status assigned to it. The status is a flag value, which means that the status value for a specific entry may be a combination of two or more status codes.


These options are defined in the following location:

System > Settings > Data Exchange > Framework > Work Queue Entry Statuses


It is up to the queue processor to determine how to use each status code. The descriptions below describe the intended purpose of each.

Status Description
Active The entry is active in the queue.
Duplicate A least one other entry represents the same data.
Entry Does Not Exist The entry does not exist.
Inactive The entry is inactive in the queue.
Invalid The entry is invalid.
New The entry represents
None No status has been set on the entry.
Priority High The entry is a high-priority entry.
Priority Low The entry is a low-priority entry.
Removed The entry represents data that has been removed.
Unknown The status of the entry is unknown.
Updated The entry represents data that has been updated.