Read Sitecore Items

This pipeline step is used to read items from a Sitecore database.

Template name Read Sitecore Items Pipeline Step
Base template Base Pipeline Step
Field Description
Endpoint From
The Sitecore endpoint used to read items from.
Item Root
The item to use as the starting point for the search. In other
words, limit the search to the selected item and its descendants.

This value is not required.
The search is limited to items based on the selected templates.

This value is not required.
Page Size
It is possible that a large number of items will match the
specified search criteria. In order to avoid performance problems
that occur when large amounts of data are loaded at once, a
maximum number of items are read at one time. This setting
specifies that maximum number.

Note: This value does not limit the number of items that are read.
For example, if 100 items are found but the value is 20, 5
separate calls will be made to the Sitecore server in order to read
all 100 items.

If no value is specified, the underlying component that is
responsible for performing the search determines the value to use.
Max Count
The maximum number of items that will be handled, even if the
returns more items.

For example, if the search returns 100 items but this value is set
to 20, only the first 20 items will be available to subsequent

The value 0 means that there is no limit to the number of items
that are handled. In other words, all of the items that are
returned by the search will be handled.

Plugin Information

Plugin type Description
Subsequent pipeline steps use this plugin to access the items
read from a Sitecore database.

This step adds this plugin to the pipeline context.