Implementing a Remote Client

This section covers how to write a client application that uses Data Exchange Framework Remote SDK.

The client application can be anything: a console application, a web service, a mobile app, etc.


The Sitecore server must have Sitecore Item Web API enabled. This means the following must be configured:

  • The Sitecore configuration setting itemwebapi.mode must be set to something other than Off
  • SSL must be enabled on IIS


In the code samples in this section, you must make the following replacements:

Replace [SITECORE HOST] with the host name of the Sitecore server you want to connect to. For example, sc82.localhost.

Replace [SITECORE USER] with your Sitecore user name, including the domain. For example, sitecore\\admin.

Replace [SITECORE PASSWORD] with the password for the Sitecore user.

Replace [DATABASE NAME] with the name of the Sitecore database you want to read configuration from.