Data Exchange Framework

New features

Improved control over work queue processing

A work queue processor only processes entries whose status matches one of the specified status values.

A setting allows you to configure whether or not unprocessed queue entries are automatically removed from the queue after the processor runs.

For more information, see Base Queue Processor.

Improved feedback when stopping pipeline batch that is running

When a user manually stops a pipeline batch, a message is displayed to the user that confirms the pipeline batch is being stopped.

Improved Item Model Repository functionality

A delete method has been added to IItemModelRepository.

Action for insert option rules that adds children as insert options

The action is defined in the Sitecore database under /sitecore/system/Settings/Rules/Definitions/Elements/Insert Options/Data Exchange - Add Children as Insert Options.

Templates were organized into folder and existing insert option rules were changed to use this new action.

API changes

  • Added base type BaseWorkQueueProcessor for work queue processors.
  • Marked interface IDataChanged obsolete.
  • Added support for language and versions on IItemModelRepository.
  • Overloaded method for creating new items on IItemModelRepository.
  • Added virtual method on InProcItemModelRepository that determines whether or not Sitecore is running in the cloud.
  • Renamed namespace Sitecore.DataExchange.ApplyMappingActions to Sitecore.DataExchange.MappingsAppliedActions.
  • Renamed namespace Sitecore.DataExchange.DataAccess.ApplyMappingActions to Sitecore.DataExchange.DataAccess.MappingsAppliedActions.
  • Added async support on ITenantRepository.

Bugs fixes

  • Incorrect encoding used in WebApiItemModelRepository (142680)