Change the details for selecting a winner of a started A/B test message

Current version: 10.4

In the Content Editor, administrators can change the expiration time of an A/B test message and the data that the winning message is based on while the test is still running.

For example, if you have already started an A/B test of a message but want to extend or shorten the specified time until the winning message is chosen, you can change the time on the relevant task item in the Content Editor.

To change the details of when and how you want the winning message to be selected:

  1. Open the Content Editor and navigate to /sitecore/system/Settings/Email/Tasks.

  2. Click the relevant task, and in the Data section, in the Items field, specify how and when you want the winning message chosen.

    Example of how to specify how and when you want the winning message chosen.

    For example, the field value, {549ACA65-FC3D-481C-862D-9B88F18EC9F2}|ValuePerVisit|1|12, specifies that you want the winning message chosen based on the best value per visit after 12 hours.




    The item ID of the message.


    The value that the selection of the winning message should be based on:

    • |ValuePerVisit| – Best value per visit

    • |OpenRate| – Highest open rate


    The time unit. 1=hours, 2=days, 3=weeks, 4=months


    The number of time units.

  3. In the Schedule field, specify when you want the A/B test to start. The time is specified in UTC and you can change the first part of the field value, for example, 20151120T000646Z|.

    Example of how to specify the schedule for the A/B test.
  4. Save your changes.

In the Email Experience Manager, for the A/B test message, you can see the updated changes on the Delivery tab.

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