Configuring the global opt-out list

Current version: 10.4

If a recipient clicks the Unsubscribe from all link in an email message or marks the email message as spam, or if a hard bounce is registered for a recipient, the recipient is added to the manager root's specified global opt-out list and thereby excluded from email messages.

Every time an email message is sent, the Email Experience Manager (EXM) checks the specified global opt-out list to make sure that if any of the included recipients appear in that list, they do not receive an email message.

When you specify the default settings, you must specify the global opt-out list for each manager root.


The global opt-out list can only be a static contact list and not a segmented list.

The default global opt-out list

When you create a new manager root, the Common Global Opt-out list is automatically specified as the default global opt-out list for the new manager root. You can change this in the Default settings dialog box.

EXM also uses the Common Global Opt-out list if the manager root is misconfigured when the global opt-out list is requested, for example, when you open the Default settings dialog box.

You can specify your default global opt-out list in the Sitecore.EmailExperience.ContentManagement.config file, in the StandardMessages.DefaultGlobalOptOutList setting:


<!--Specifies the path of the default global opt-out contact list.-->
<setting name="StandardMessages.DefaultGlobalOptOutList" value="Common Global Opt-out" />


EXM creates the Common Global Opt-out list automatically when it is requested. However, the component does not create the whole path. If you want to change the configuration settings, you must ensure that the folder structure that you specify exists in the content tree.

Implementation details

The ManagerRoot class has the GlobalSubscription property that contains an object of the GlobalSubscription type. This object can interact with the global opt-out list using the following methods:

  • AddToDefaultExcludeCollection() – adds recipients to the default global opt-out list.

  • IsInDefaultExcludeCollection() – checks whether a recipient is in the default global opt-out list.

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