EXM security roles

Current version: 10.4

Security roles give Sitecore users different access rights to different areas of a site. To use the EXM application, marketers should be assigned necessary access rights through one of the following security roles:



EXM Users role

This role gives users access to all the functionality of the EXM application, except for the following:

  • Changing default settings

  • Deleting messages

EXM Advanced Users role

This role provides the user with access rights to all the functionality of the EXM application. Only assign this role to users if you are sure you want to grant them full access to EXM.

Roles can also be assigned additional roles (‘roles in roles’). However, if this feature (the rolesInRolesManager parameter), is disabled in the Sitecore\CMS.Core\Sitecore.Security.config file, you must assign these three additional Sitecore roles to enable users to edit the content of messages:

  • sitecore\Sitecore Client Users role – provides access to the Sitecore user interfaces.

  • sitecore\Sitecore Client Authoring role – provides access to basic item editing features and applications.

  • sitecore\Sitecore Client Designing role – provides access to the Experience Editor Design Pane features that allow a user to set layout details associated with items.

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