Specifying the EXM Delivery Cloud data center connection

Current version: 10.4

In an era where data security is of utmost importance to consumers, EXM Delivery Cloud helps support the ability to identify, track, manage, remove, and suppress data per individual within a specific data region.

Data retention

The following types of data are stored:

  • Data containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  • Data without PII

Data containing PII

A message event is generated each time an action occurs on a message. For example, when the message is delivered, when the recipient opens the message, when a spam complaint is received, etc. These message events contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as the recipient's email address and the IP address where an action (such as an open or click event) was logged.

Each event (one per recipient, per campaign, or per type of event) is stored in a database and is available for a limited time after the event. Data is, however, backed up in order that a data restore is possible in the event of an outage. A backup of each message is retained for an extended period of time and then automatically deleted.

Data without PII

When an action on the message occurs, data (except the recipient's email address), is stored in a database. This is known as enrichment data and it is used to report on events after delivery (such as open, click, list-unsubscribes, or spam complaints).

Messages are identified with a unique message ID that is unique to the recipient for the applicable campaign. This is matched to the enrichment data in order to provide the full message event. Enrichment data is stored for one year.

Connecting to an Email Cloud data center

Connection parameters for the Email Cloud data center are saved in the Sitecore SMTP, EDS and email cloud configuration files. You must update all content management (CM) roles and dedicated email dispatch server (DDS) roles in agreement with Sitecore. The data center region of the Email Cloud server is defined in the service order. For more details, contact your Sitecore sales representative.

For detailed information on how to configure the Email Cloud Data Center connection, see the Knowledge Base article Configure EXM Delivery Cloud.


Once a data center is defined and settled, it cannot switched from one region to another.

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