Troubleshooting Email Experience Manager

Current version: 10.4

The table below lists common issues related to the Email Experience Manager (EXM) along with proposed solutions. You can find answers to other questions you have in the Frequently Asked Questions.




Where do I find a compatibility matrix of Sitecore versions?

See the Knowledge Base article.

EXM frontend

Custom tokens disappear or do not transform.

Use the Send a quick test feature on the Review tab. When you preview an email message for a specific recipient, custom tokens implemented using the CustomDispatchTask are not visible or do not transform.

Email paused or not sent to all contacts during dispatch.

By default, if anything happens during dispatch and all recipients cannot be processed, the message is moved to the Paused state and the campaign can be retried - meaning that EXM will process the recipients that have not already received the email message. You can extract the data of who the campaign has not been sent to by looking at the DispatchQueue table of the exm database. Query by message id to see a list of all the contacts who have not received the email message.

There is no out-of-the-box functionality to automatically resume paused dispatches; however, see the "Automatically resuming paused email campaigns" blog post for an explanation of how to create a customization.

Links in the email message are created with the wrong host name.

See "Link generation and hostname mapping in EXM" and "Edit the EXM default settings". In addition, verify the Knowledge Base article.

Where do I find the Email Preview and Spam Check services?

See the Knowledge Base article.

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