Developing JSS applications


Overview of how to get started with JSS development

Developing JSS applications has some differences compared to developing regular JavaScript framework apps because JSS apps are meant to integrate with Sitecore and support content authoring workflows.

To work with JSS app development, you must understand how JSS and Sitecore work together, and follow some JSS-specific development best practices. Depending on your background (Sitecore or JavaScript developer), the availability of a Sitecore instance, and business requirements you can choose a development workflow.

JSS supports several popular JavaScript frameworks and provides app samples to help you scaffold JSS projects quickly.

To get started with JSS app development, create a JSS project for your chosen front-end framework based on the following guides:

If you do not have access to a Sitecore instance and are working in disconnected mode, use the Manifest API to define items and data in your JSS app. You can later import them to Sitecore with the help of the JSS CLI and the App Import API.

If you have access to a Sitecore instance, connect and deploy your application to Sitecore.