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Getting started with JSS for Next.js development


Choose a path for developing JSS for Next.js apps based on your role, workflow, and operating system.

Sitecore offers two paths for setting up your development environment for developing Next.js JSS apps based on your role, workflow, and operating system.

Full-stack, Sitecore-first development

To create a solution for full-stack development with Sitecore and JSS for Next.js, Sitecore provides a container-based template optimized for the Sitecore-first development workflow.


This path requires a machine with the Windows operating system.

Front-end development

If you do not have a Windows machine, work strictly in a front-end / JavaScript development role, you can get started with JSS front-end development on any operating system supported by Node.js, using the JSS CLI.


With this path, you only get a JSS application based on Next.js for the code-first development workflow. You must perform additional steps to connect the JSS Next.js app to a Sitecore instance.