Add Fields to a Catalog Item Type

Current version: 8.2

Dynamic properties allow you to extend the generated catalog item templates like you would any other Sitecore item template. When you edit this new property on a Catalog, Category, or Product, that property is serialized into new field in Sitecore Commerce 8.2 powered by Commerce Server and Commerce Server 11.4 called ExternalSettings.

At the Content Editor:

  1. Select the template appropriate for the Commerce item type you wish to extend.

    1. In the tree view, expand the sitecore/Templates/Commerce/Catalog folder.

    2. Select a template.

    Content Item



    Commerce Catalog

    Virtual Catalogs

    Commerce Virtual Catalog


    Commerce Category


    Commerce Product


    Commerce Product Variant

  2. Edit the template by adding new fields.

    1. Select the Builder tab in the Content Editor.

      You can create a new section to hold the new field(s), if you wish.

    2. Enter a name for the new field.

    3. Select a Type.

    4. Select a Source, if required.

    5. Ensure the Unversioned and Shared check boxes are selected.


      Only unversioned and unshared fields can be serialized into the Commerce Server ExternalSettings property. Even if the field is not marked as Shared, it will be treated as Shared by the Commerce Catalog data providers.

  3. Save the template.

The new fields will be visible on all Catalog items of the specific type extended.

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