Can I create topologies other than the ones listed?

Current version: 8.2

You can create topologies other than the ones outlined in this guide. The topologies in the following sections are examples, and exist to help you identify the topology that will most closely match your traffic and workflow needs. You can adjust the topology for security, load, additional applications, and any other concerns. Once you choose your topology, there are still questions you need to answer for your solution. For example:

  • Where should my domain controllers go?

  • Do I want a different domain for my internal and delivery networks?

  • Will there be underutilized Sitecore Commerce roles? If so, is there justification for putting them on separate servers?

  • Will some specific Sitecore Commerce roles need to be scaled out horizontally or vertically?

  • Do I want my internal and delivery networks to be merged?

  • Do I want a SQL Server instance in my delivery network, or should I bring it into the internal network?

  • Is it a better choice to manage MongoDB myself, or use the Sitecore xDB Cloud service?

These are not the only questions, but are a starting list of concepts you should be aware of while reviewing topologies and how Sitecore Commerce roles will scale for your needs.

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