Change the engagement plan naming scheme in Commerce Connect

Current version: 8.2

When you create an engagement plan for a webshop, you may want to change the default engagement plan naming scheme.

The default naming scheme in Commerce Connect is the name of the webshop followed by the name of the engagement plan, for example Website Abandoned Carts. You must name engagement plans according to the default naming scheme, or you must change the naming scheme, either on the site element for your webshop (for the Abandoned Carts plan), or by patching the configuration file for Commerce Connect (for all engagement plans).

This topic describes how to change the engagement plan naming scheme for:

Abandoned Carts

For the Abandoned Carts plan, you explicitly set the naming scheme of the plan on the site element in the configuration.

To change the naming scheme:

  • On the site element for your webshop, add the engagementPlanName="{My store}" attribute after the site name definition, for example:<site name="Website" engagementPlanName="My store" … />.

    When you do this, the website is connected to the sitecore/system/Marketing Control Panel/Engagement Plans/{My store} Abandoned Carts plan.

All engagement plans

In Commerce Connect, there is an interface called IEaPlanProvider with a default implementation called EaPlanProvider. The EaPlanProvider.GetEaPlanID interface returns the engagement plan and initial state IDs for the engagement plan based on the naming scheme.

To change the naming scheme:

  • Patch the /App_Config/Include/Sitecore.Commerce.Config file to replace the default EaPlanProvider implementation with your own provider and logic, and patch the value of the Type attribute to match your custom type. For example:

    <eaPlanProvider type="Sitecore.Commerce.Multishop.EaPlanProvider, Sitecore.Commerce" 
     singleInstance="true" />

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