Commerce Server Staging role

Current version: 8.2

If the master and web environments are pointing to the same Commerce Server site instance, as soon as data is changed on the master environment, it will be published to web. To ensure that Commerce Server data is not published unexpectedly, it is strongly recommended that you have one Commerce Server site for your Content Management (CM) environment, a separate Commerce Server site for your Content Delivery (CD) environment, and then use Commerce Server to move the data.

Commerce Server Staging projects can be run from the staging tool, but also from the Publishing dialog in Sitecore. This allows you to publish your Sitecore and Commerce Server data to production at the same time. The recommended setup is to have Commerce Server Staging on a Content Management server, and install it on the Business Management Server in the production environment.

On both the CM server and the Production Business Management Server:

  1. When installing Commerce Server, be sure to install Commerce Server Staging.

  2. Configure the Staging Service by using the Commerce Server Configuration wizard.

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