Create a New Role

Current version: 8.2

Create a customizable Commerce Role and assign access rights.

At the Sitecore Desktop:

  1. Create a new role in the Role Manager.

    1. Open the Role Manager.

      Select SitecoreSecurity ToolsRole Manager.

    2. Open the New Role form.

      Click New in the Role Manager Toolbar.

    3. Datafill the New Role form.

      Enter a name in the Role Name field and select a domain from the Domain drop down menu.

    4. Commit the changes.

      Click OK.

  2. Assign access rights to your new role.

    1. Open the Security Editor.

      Select SitecoreSecurity Editor.

    2. Open the new role for editing.

      Click Select in the Security Editor toolbar, choose your new role from the list and click OK.

    3. Assign rights for Commerce content items to the role.

      Open the Commerce node in the content tree and assign rights to the content items within.


      Use the table in Business Tools Authorization Matrix as a guideline for assigning rights to your new role.


      Detailed procedures to assign rights to content items can be found in the Security Administrator's Cookbook.

  3. Confirm your changes.

    Click Access Viewer in the Security Editor toolbar, then navigate to the content items you have edited and observe the changes.


    Content items may have to be refreshed. To refresh a content item, collapse and expand the corresponding node in the content tree.


    Detailed procedures to use the Access Viewer can be found in the Security Administrator's Cookbook.

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