Engine Nodes

Current version: 8.2

A Node is a running instance of a Sitecore Commerce Deployment. It is possible to support N number of running Nodes from a single Deployment. The Sitecore Commerce Engine can be hosted by IIS. Using IIS allows built-in mechanisms for monitoring and scaling Sitecore Commerce, and works with cloud-based tooling such as Azure Web Sites.

Sitecore Commerce supports running as a service. This allows a thinner, more directly controllable environment for minions and other asynchronous tasks, but could also serve web traffic.

Sitecore Commerce offers the option to have multiple Deployments interact as part of a single solution. This allows scaling to multiple machines, with some machines initializing Nodes under IIS and others initializing Nodes as a service.

A Node goes through a Startup sequence defined in the Startup.CS

The following methods are run in the Startup.cs class when a Node is started:

  • Startup

  • Configure

  • ConfigureServices

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