Introduction to deployment for 8.2

Current version: 8.2

This section of the documentation is for anyone who needs to deploy Sitecore Commerce 8.2 powered by Microsoft Dynamics(SCpfbMD) or Sitecore Commerce 8.2 powered by Commerce Server (SCpbCS) and Commerce Server 11.4 in environments from a single box to a multi-server environment. Typically, these people would be QA, Developers, or IT professionals.

Sitecore Commerce is an umbrella brand for the Sitecore commerce products: Sitecore Commerce powered by Microsoft Dynamics (SCpbMD). Sitecore Commerce Connect, and Sitecore Commerce powered by Commerce Server (SCpbCS).

SCpbMD is a Microsoft Dynamics AX plug-in for Sitecore that is written on top of Sitecore Commerce Connect. The SCpbMD plug-in allows you to expose all products from Dynamics AX in Sitecore, and use Dynamics AX to manage and checkout user's carts.

SCpbMD uses the Catalog subsystem of Commerce Server as an edge cache for Dynamics AX products to improve the performance of exposing the products via Sitecore. Commerce Server Catalog data is exposed in Sitecore via a data provider in SCpbCS. You need to install SCpbCS before installing SCpbMD.

SCpbMD is dependent only on the catalog parts of SCpbCS and Commerce Server. The Order, Inventory, Profile, and Marketing subsystems are not relevant to a SCpbMD installation.

Sitecore Commerce Connect is an API that provides a standard way for external commerce systems (ECS) to integrate into Sitecore, and for Sitecore to talk ECSs. The API does not provide any out of the box eCommerce functionality, but ships with a suite of ecommerce related goals, page events, and engagement automation plans, which are automatically triggered by the actions being performed via the API.

SCpbCS is a Commerce Server plug-in for Sitecore written on top of Sitecore Commerce Connect. When the Commerce Connect plug-in is used with a data provider that exposes the Commerce Server Catalog subsystem, you have complete access to Commerce Server through Sitecore.

Before starting this installation, you should have a thorough understanding of the architecture, subsystems, and unique requirements of Sitecore, SCpbCS, and SCpmMD. By being familiar with those products, you will be able to apply the guidance in this document to suit your specific business needs. All prerequisites for installation are located in Deployment requirements.

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