Managed by external commerce system field

Current version: 8.2

A new field has been added to the Commerce Field template called Managed By External Commerce System.

The value for Managed By External Commerce System is set to True for all Commerce templates and generated Commerce template fields. This indicates that the fields are managed by the external commerce system. The Sitecore Template Field also inherits from the Commerce Field template, which allows it to identify other fields, such as the system __Display name, as managed by the external commerce system.

To fully enable this feature, set the following setting in the CommerceServer.config file to True:


  <setting name="CommerceServer.Connect.CatalogsManagedByExternalCommerceSystem" value="true"/>

Once enabled, these fields will display as read-only in Merchandising Manager. In the Content Editor, after modifying and saving a catalog item, all fields managed by the external system are not allowed to be saved.


When the catalog is managed by the external commerce system, we recommend that you set all catalog related fields so they cannot be modified from within Merchandising Manager and the Content Editor. We also recommend that you add additional fields in Sitecore that are not catalog fields and are exposed as part of a Catalog Item, and that can be modified in Merchandising Manager and the Content Editor. For more information, go to the Preserve Extended Settings topic in the Merchandiser's Guide.

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