Map a Sitecore Field Type to a Commerce Server Property Type

Current version: 8.2

All Sitecore Commerce 8.2 powered by Commerce Server and Commerce Server 11.4 property types are mapped, but you may want to change the Sitecore field control used to edit the value of a Commerce Catalog property type.

Complete the following prerequisites:

In your XML Editor:

  1. Create a new .config file in the Website\App_Config\Include directory of your Sitecore site.


    The system applies the files in alphnumeric order. Ensure the file containing your overrides is named to run after CommerceServer.config, For example zzCommerceServer.config or My.Overrides.CommerceServer.config

  2. Create a configuration section that overrides the sitecorename attribute for the Commerce Catalog type you want to change.

    For example the following configuration changes all Commerce Catalog DateTime properties to be edited using the Sitecore Date control:

    <configuration xmlns:patch="">
            <field sitecorename="Date" cstypename="DateTime" patch:instead="field[@cstypename='DateTime']"/>
  3. Save and close the file

  4. Restart IIS.

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