Node Heartbeat

Current version: 8.2

The NodeHeartBeat minion and pipeline allow for the injection of business or DevOps tasks that must occur on a regular short-term basis. The NodeHeartBeat calls the NodeHeartBeatPipeline, and runs approximately once per second. A pipeline block can be added to this pipeline if additional activities are needed. Currently, there are blocks that log the current count of the entities in specified lists, which allows them to be gathered and displayed in Sitecore Log Analyzer (SCLA). The blocks keep track of how often they log list counts, which is currently set to once per 30 seconds to reduce logging traffic. 

There are three blocks:

NodeHeartBeatMinionBlock (Core) logs that a NodeHeartBeat task has occurred.

NodeHeartBeatMinionBlock (Orders) logs counts to order related lists:

  • Orders (All Orders)

  • PendingOrders

  • BackOrders

  • PreOrders

  • ProblemOrders

  • OnHoldOrders

NodeHeartBeatMinionBlock (Fulfillment) logs counts to fulfilment related lists:

  • ReleasedOrders

  • CompletedOrders

  • SalesCharges

  • SalesCredits

  • ShippedOrders

  • PendingShipments

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