Current version: 8.2

The following table summarizes the information that is contained in this section of the documentation:



Terms and concepts

Describes the concepts, terms, and tools that you must be familiar with when you deploy Sitecore Commerce.

Software components, servers, and databases

Lists all of the components for a Sitecore Commerce deployment that you should install.

Deployment architecture

Describes the logical and physical types of deployments. Use this information to plan the type of Sitecore Commerce deployments that you will install.

Deployment requirements

Describes how to plan your network and acquire the required hardware and software for the servers in a Sitecore Commerce deployment.

Sitecore installation

Describes the installation and deployment process for Sitecore.

Commerce Server Installation

Describes how to install Commerce Server using provided tools.

Sitecore Commerce powered by Commerce Server (SCpbCS)

Describes integration between the base Commerce Server installation and Sitecore.

Sitecore Commerce powered by Microsoft Dynamics

Describes the deployment tools that are used to set up SCpbMD, and connect Microsoft Dynamics AX to Commerce Server and Sitecore.

Building deployments

Provides the high-level sequence of tasks for building Sitecore Commerce Server tiers, environments, and deployments. Use these topics as checklists for building out a part of your network.

Securing the deployment

Provides information and instructions for securing a Sitecore Commerce deployment.

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